Hello and Welcome

Posted on by Ula.

In this welcoming post I would like to express how passionate, here at CoreStudio, we are about Oracle Service Cloud ( formerly RightNow CX ). Oracle Service Cloud provides a lot of features to serve the best customer experience. I personally enjoy working with the product as it combines many components together providing various technological capabilities. We are not going to deceive you by saying it is perfect because as everything it has its weaknesses and most certainly it may not be the best solution for every organization. However, the product has been designed with customizations, integrations and extensibility in mind. Nowadays it is a necessity to personalize SaaS applications to suit company's unique requirements. We really enjoy working with clients, discovering their needs, analyzing the structure of the organization and proposing the best solutions for their businesses. For the last decade we have worked with diverse clients having different infrastructures and business models and we have successfully helped them expand and provide the best customer service with Oracle Service Cloud. Overall, I think Oracle Service Cloud is quite powerful and has a huge potential even though sometimes poses with some challenges. I would like to take a chance and tell you a little bit about Corestudio. We are a small UK based company that consists of highly talented Software Developers, some former RightNow employees, who take pride for being passionate about Oracle Service Cloud. We are very friendly bunch of people who are ego-less learners and team players eager to help, solve problems and find answers. In our blog we will guide you with all product features our customers find beneficial and share some implementable challenges we have overcome. Lots to find out and discover! You are welcome to reach out with any questions and comments.